Tottenham Hotspur are getting some really nice stories in the Brazilian media today. Not because of results, players or transfers. It’s the club’s training centre that is being highlighted by the local press.

With Brazil playing Croatia in England next Sunday, the national team have chosen to stay in London until June 8th, and will be enjoying Spurs’ facilities.

Newspaper O Globo has a big article showing all the facilities, praising the ‘wooded and silent’ neighbourhood, calling it the perfect place to train and avoid fans.

They claim that it wasn’t Tottenham who offered the place to Brazil. It was the national team director Edu Gaspar who visited both the Spurs’ and Manchester United’s training grounds, and ended up picking the place in London.

Brazil are playing Sunday’s friendly at Anfield, so Tottenham’s training centre must have offered something much better for Gaspar not to choose staying in Manchester.

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Tottenham player Lucas Moura has spoken to O Globo about the facilities, and claimed that this was one of the reasons why he’s chosen to sign for the club.

“Tottenham’s training centre is sensational. Without a doubt, the national team will be very satisfied there to perform the best preparation. It’s a sensational structure, several pitch, very spacious place, giant gym, huge locker room as well. Very cozy and pleasant.”

“It was one of the things that motivated me to agree with the club. I was very thrilled and excited to enjoy that structure soon. I was very surprised when I got to know it. From the little that I know of the training centers of the teams, it is in the top 5, if not in the top 3 of Europe. The place is sensational.”