Like you, we love a completely random transfer rumour here at Sport Witness, and the notion of Jeff Hendrick moving from Burnley to AC Milan was undoubtedly one of them.

The Republic of Ireland midfielder was recently linked with a move to the Italian giants by all manner of sources, with the rumour first starting in England.

The reports claimed that Hendrick, who is out of contract at Burnley this summer and has failed to agree to a new deal, had been contacted by the Italian giants before the Coronavirus outbreak.

It was claimed they were assessing their options ahead of the summer transfer window and, following in the footsteps of their rivals Inter Milan, have been looking at the English market.

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Burnley’s Hendrick had thus appeared on their radar, and his availability on a free only seemed to make him more enticing.

Fast forward a month, and there’s been little update on Hendrick to Milan – the only thing to happen has him been leaving Burnley officially – but everyone is more than aware of the rumour.

Indeed, it’s picked up a little traction since he’s now free and that’s been covered in Italy by Milan News.

They report on the rumour of a move to AC Milan emerging again ‘in recent hours’ but state that, according to what they’ve been able to learn, there’s nothing in it.

They’ve contacted their sources at Milan and state ‘these rumours are not confirmed by the club’.

Of course, that’s not to say they’re false, but at this moment in time, it seems Hendrick will not be swapping the bright lights of Burnley for the high-fashion and glamour of Milan.