When David Luiz left Arsenal in the summer and then signed for Flamengo, he was joining a squad full of stars which was supposed to fight for the Brazilian League, Brazilian cup and Copa Libertadores titles.

It turned out that the Rio de Janeiro side didn’t win any of those competitions. And after their defeat to Santos on Monday night, the defender claimed his team needs to ‘mature and grow’.

His quotes were followed by a story from Globo Esporte which said David Luiz has been key in Flamengo’s dressing room, where he’s shown dissatisfaction with the ‘relaxed’ way the squad has been working the season,

Now even though the 34-year-old’s attitude was reportedly well received by his teammates, staff and board, there’s now a new rumour in Brazil saying the former Arsenal player could soon leave the club already.

Flamengo are now changing managers, and according to UOL’s André Nunes Rocha, David Luiz will wait and see how their rebuilding process will go. In case the club’s attitude doesn’t improve, then he could return to Europe, as there’s a clause in his contract for him to leave South America again.

“He’s attentive to what is going to happen. He’s hopeful about the change in management. But depending on how things go, if a proposal from Europe arises, he considers the hypothesis, if things continue as they are, of returning.

“Whoever spoke to me said that for him to have made this exposure like that, although he’s very sincere in his statements, for him to expose himself to this point, it’s because he’s really upset. He is dismayed by what he’s seen at the club.”