Almost a year to the day after leaving Leeds United to team up with Vincent Kompany at Anderlecht, Kemar Roofe is on the verge of returning to the United Kingdom’s shores.

The striker, who scored seven goals and picked up two assists in 16 appearances, is very likely heading to Scotland, where he is now expected to team up with Steven Gerrard at Rangers.

That’s coming from HLN in Belgium, who have an article on the matter on Tuesday, explaining the 27-year-old ‘costs too much in relation to his return’, adding that sources from both Scotland and the player’s entourage have told them ‘far-reaching negotiations’ are underway with the Ibrox club about a ‘final sale for Kemar Roofe’.

Described as a ‘very expensive bird in what are financially difficult times’, the forward has struggled with injuries, and ‘not everyone at Neerpede is convinced of his added value’.

That’s why ‘Anderlecht responded to Rangers’ request to talk about a transfer’ and ‘an agreement would be in the making’.

It’s expected that Roofe will sign for four years at Ibrox, but the price is ‘not known’ as Anderlecht ‘do not want to confirm or deny’.