The competition around Chelsea for Sandro Tonali remains strong, as yet another source (Gazzetta dello Sport) corroborates the claims that Maurizio Sarri’s side are interested in the young midfielder.

Following Calciomercato and Il Mattino, it’s now the national sports newspaper’s turn to report that the Blues are keen on the Brescia starlet, whose price appears to be somewhere between €20m and €35m+.

The highest of the figures was reported by Il Mattino a few days ago, claiming that Massimo Cellino had fixed a very high price to ensure his club get as much as possible should they lose Tonali, but Gazzetta seem to think it’s a bit lower.

They put it as “more than €20m”, but would it have been near the €35m, they most likely would have written “more than €30m” instead.

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Either way, it’s expensive for an 18-year-old who doesn’t have a full season under his belt yet, and the price tag won’t have been helped by the fact he scored his first ever professional goal at the weekend.

It doesn’t matter that he ‘meant to cross it’, as he claimed after the game, it still hit the back of the net, and they all count, especially his club, who will be looking to increase the price for a bigger sale.

As for the player himself, he isn’t interested in a move yet, wanting to remain at Brescia for the time being.

Chelsea are mentioned alongside Monaco, Napoli and Inter as the main interested parties, but it seems we’ll have to wait and see before finding out whether Tonali would be interested in a move to Stamford Bridge over a stay in Italy.