Andre Gomes’ injury is of course big news in Portugal.

The Everton player suffered a horrible looking injury in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham Hotspur. Much of the European media have since been publishing the most graphic images they can find, unlike the media closer to the Premier League club.

In Portugal there’s already been chats with medical professionals, and one who knows more about football injuries than most is Henrique Jones. He used to be in charge of the national side’s medical team and believes the outlook for a return is better than many would have expected.

With Euro 2020 on the horizon, Jones explained he believes the Everton player will return in time to play before the tournament, giving himself a chance of selection.

Speaking to Rádio Renascença, and quoted by Record, Jones explained: “Andre is young. Surgery, if successful, will bring about a 100% recovery and he will surely have the mobility and functionality of the ankle without problems. From the moment the surgery is performed, the next step is to start recovering almost immediately.”

Jones believes the midfielder will be out of action for three to five months, and told the Portuguese media the surgery involved is ‘relatively simple’.

Everton will, of course, have their own outlook on Andre Gomes’ situation, and there’s no suggestion yet of the Portugal national team having any say.

That sometimes happens, but with Gomes not being a major player for the country in recent years, it’s unlikely they’ll be overly concerned ahead of Euro 2020.