Max Kruse is currently in Las Vegas… losing money.

An accomplished poker player, the striker, who is leaving Werder Bremen, isn’t having the best of times. Bild report he’s paid a total of $13k to enter three competitions, and come out with around $2k.

They explain he’s also gambling with his future, leaving Werder under the impression he’d get a great offer from elsewhere. He’s been earning around €6m a year at the German club, and so far nobody wants to offer similar.

It’s claimed his future ‘seemed secure’ as Liverpool were looking for a squad player. A move to Anfield appears to have been the desire, the big temptation, but Jurgen Klopp has ruined it.

Bild say the Liverpool manager has ‘given him the basket’, which makes zero sense. A little digging shows it’s a German term for when someone is dumped.

Fenerbahce has recently offered a two year contract, and Kruse knocked it back, believing better would arrive. Not from Liverpool, unless things change.