In Italy Manolo Gabbiadini to Southampton is running a little like: Hot, cold, hot, boiling, freezing, hot, lukewarm. Meanwhile, there’s a little claim from French newspaper L’Equipe which will be welcomed by Southampton and those trying to build a deal for the Premier League club.

L’Equipe report that on Sunday morning Marseille, not content with their signing of Dimitri Payet, tried to build a deal for Napoli’s Gabbiadini. Unfortunately for Marseille, the club were told that both Gabbiadini and Napoli would much prefer the Southampton route, and therefore talks went no further.

Whilst the Italian reports scream of everyone trying to be first and right, and so claiming every scenario possible, the French update is calm by comparison and much easier to Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 07.51.59trust.

Gabbiadini preferring Southampton is a side angle for L’Equipe, and something that wouldn’t have been overly excited to share.

A little calm in the Gabbiadini to Southampton madness, and positive calm at that.

To add something else new, here’s a bit of Gabbiadini trivia for Southampton fans to share if the striker signs: His older sister Melania is something of an Italian football legend. The 33 year old captains Verona, has been Serie A Female Footballer of the Year on four occasions, and is in the country’s general football Hall of Fame.