It looks like Andreas Samaris’ January plans didn’t really go as he expected.

As reported by the Portuguese press, the player rejected an offer to join Newcastle United, as his contract with Benfica is expires at the end of the season.

Samaris’ plans would be to stay in Lisbon, where he would sign a new deal with the Eagles before he becomes a free agent.

However, as reported by newspaper O Jogo today, neither the player nor his staff have never been contacted by Benfica to sign a new deal, and are still waiting for any kind of communication.

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O Jogo recalls Newcastle made an offer of €300k to have Samaris on loan until the end of the season. When signing him in the summer, on a potential two year deal, they would have given Benfica a percentage of a future transfer.

Now we wait and see if the player is really getting a new deal, or maybe he’ll soon be angry enough to leave the Eagles as a free agent in the summer.