Mateo Kovacic is currently registered as a Chelsea player.

His loan move from Real Madrid lasts until June 30th, as is standard practice with both temporary and permanent contracts.

That means a permanent signing would see no new registration and therefore wouldn’t come under deals covered by the Premier League club’s FIFA ban.

Madrid want to get some cash in quickly, so selling the Croatian midfielder to Chelsea makes a lot of sense for them.

Tuesday’s edition of AS says this is a ‘key week’ for the player’s future, because Chelsea hit their ‘limit’ on Sunday.

That’s the 30th, so when the loan would end, the suggestion is they need to get the signing done by then.

AS value a transfer at around €50m, and state Kovacic has given the ‘green light’ for a permanent move to Stamford Bridge. That said, he also looks well on a return to former club Inter Milan, although they’re currently concentrating on other tracks.

There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of clarity on how the registration of the player would work for Chelsea.

So if it’s not done by Sunday, don’t be surprised to then see further rumours about the move.