Europe has always been seen as a role model for South American football. Even though the culture is pretty strong in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile, these leagues still need modernisation to get close to the top championships.

And even though Tottenham were never seen as one of the world’s biggest clubs, it seems their influence in South America is starting to grow. At least at Universidade Del Chile, where their manager is being inspired by Mauricio Pochettino’s tactics.

As reported by La Tercera today, La U manager Guillermo Hoyos is taking things from Barcelona and Tottenham to build up his team, and the results so far are good. From Tottenham, the lessons taken are about the positioning of Danny Rose and Kyle Walker.

A source from La U spoke to the newspaper and said: “They have shown videos of Tottenham. Hoyos is looking for the fullbacks to have the ability to attack very aggressively, but without ever being unaware of defending. They have to have a great physical capacity.”

Although this kind of approach is not always taken well in South America, La Tercera reports that the club is completely fine with it. Everyone is peacefully letting Hoyos do his work, and things are going well.

A South America hybrid of Tottenham and Barcelona? It doesn’t sound too bad.