Christian Eriksen’s contract situation is a little worrying for Tottenham fans and a little exciting for the Danish sport media.

If there’s no renewal before the summer then Eriksen will have less than a year left on his current deal with Spurs. That’s clearly something the club will want to avoid, but for any sides interested it presents a potentially fantastic opportunity.

The Danish media have long grasped at any claim of a potential move to Barcelona or Real Madrid, and with the latter being linked at the moment it just heightens everything further.

Following Tottenham’s 1-0 victory over Chelsea on Tuesday evening, Denmark’s TV3 spoke to the player and asked him about his contract situation and the current rumours.

Eriksen sounded like the perfect Mauricio Pochettino soldier by responding (via “It’s not something I’m thinking of. I focus on playing football, and there are many battles you have to think about and which must be won.

“It’s not the first time that there have been rumours, and when the newspapers write something, it is not something we are in control of, and if there is nothing concrete, then it’s just commenting on rumours.”

On a possible extension, he explained: “I think people know what I want, and I know what they (Tottenham) would like, and there is a nice dialogue so there’s nothing there (to say).”

If ‘people know what I want’ means he’s looking for a Spurs stay, then that has to be great news for the club.