A doctor who treated a Liverpool fan on Tuesday evening has spoken to the Naples media about the incident and the injuries sustained.

On top of that, just like the local police chief already has, the doctor made it abundantly clear the Liverpool fans attacked played no part in the incident and the entire thing was unprovoked.

The Naples authorities are certainly not trying to present this as simply trouble between football fans, they’re making it known it was an outright attack on people who had no interest in any fight.

Dr Michele Porcini has been speaking to local radio, and is quoted by CalcioNapoli24 as saying: “The boy had come to Naples to celebrate his birthday, to see a new city, and to follow his favourite team. He was out in a bar when a group of guys (in motion – on mopeds) approach him and his father in a threatening way.

“He has a head injury with a lacerated bruise wound to the skull, and I had to stitch a knee wound. They hit him with a big chain on his back and abdomen. I’d like to thank the police officers who came in a timely manner to have it stitched and undergo x-ray. They accompanied the boy and his father in a pharmacy in front of the hotel where they stay.”

Earlier on Wednesday, police chief Luigi Bonagura was quoted by CalcioNapoli24 as saying: “Liverpool fans wounded? Fortunately it’s nothing serious, we are capturing footage from nearby cameras to put faces to the attackers. We are monitoring sensitive areas to dissuade any copycats from attacking the fans.

“I think it was the young looking for emotion, not organised groups, and without any justification. The only thing to do is to prevent such incidents happening again. We are still tested, we hope to be able to contain and avoid incidents like those of yesterday.”