Despite the confidence from the Portuguese press that Filip Krovinovic’s loan deal to West Brom was closed, it seems things have changed a little in the past 24 hours.

Newspapers A Bola, O Jogo and Record all bring stories today saying the negotiations had a step back and are not being concluded as quickly as first expected.

It’s claimed the player is joining Benfica’s squad today as he waits for the deal to be concluded between the clubs. None of the outlets seem to understand the reasons for the delay.

Krovinovic was supposed to be moving to West Brom on a loan deal, with Benfica getting £300k now and another £300k in case the Baggies get promotion to the Premier League.

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Speaking to newspaper Record, agent Antonio Araújo didn’t really want to explain things. He’s only said that “if he [Krovinovic] doesn’t travel tomorrow, he will travel the day after tomorrow”.

Antonio Araújo had already confirmed the transfer in a chat with Radio Antena 1 yesterday. “He’s at the door to the Premier League. He will play in the Championship, at a club with history and a for very experienced Croatian coach. Negotiating with Benfica is not as easy as it may seem,” said the representative.

Now although the outlets report the delay, they still sound confident that a deal will be found. We’re just curious about what is stopping the move since it seemed all agreed.