ESPN Brasil has been giving big coverage to the Premier League for a while now, and it couldn’t be any different with the Manchester derby.

With several Brazilians succeeding for Manchester City lately, Pep Guardiola’s side has been getting special attention from the Brazilian press, so it only made the game against Jose Mourinho’s side more important in the country.

That’s why the channel sent two correspondents to the match, who spoke to several players after Manchester City’s 2-1 win.

Those from Manchester United complained a lot about the penalty, starting with Mourinho, who spoke to reporter João Castelo Branco: “I’m disappointed in the referee. He didn’t give a clear penalty.”

Asked if this was crucial for Manchester City’s win, the Old Trafford boss said: “It was. We are losing 2-1, a clear penalty to be given, with a high percentage of the draw, I think it is a key moment of the game.”

Mourinho also had a word on Manchester City’s ball possession: “Normal. And we gave the ball. They are a team that always dominate possession, choose the ball, which has a fantastic ball possession, and obviously it was something that we knew would happen.

“We wanted to be quick to attack the spaces in the counter attack, which we did sometimes, some with more and others with less danger, but in a difficult game, we had a huge double chance of the goal. But the penalties are to be given, and usually it’s always for the same teams and never against others.”

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Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera also had a lot to complain about the penalty. Speaking to Natali Gedra, he said: “I believe we are all professionals, we all make mistakes. But, well, I think the penalty is incredible. How they step on me along with the ball and, well, it’s a shame.”

“It hurts a lot for the way it was. Because in the end they were two unfortunate goals, two rebounds inside the box. They are in that moment in which all divided aspects of the game, the ball goes to them.”

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson didn’t know exactly what call were the United players complaining about, but after being told it was the penalty, he claims it didn’t exist: “No, the fouls he gave were here and there. In the penalty, the referee did well, the referee warned the opponent because he let himself be influenced by the move. I think if they saw the replay they would have the same opinion as mine.”

Regarding his saves after Romelu Lukaku and Juan Mata attempts, Ederson said: “It was a quick ball. Martial ended up getting a good ball to Lukaku, he came to touch. I was able to give the chest to the shot, I was happy to make the save and the rebound. But I’m happy for the victory, for the team to come out victorious and for the advantage.”

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Fernandinho also spoke to Natali Gedra, and besides commenting on Manchester City’s game style, he talked about how ironic their goals were: “We knew it would be that way. Because the way they play, especially against teams who like to play with ball possession, they would make the man-to-man marking. Mostly in the midfield.

“And we had the game plan that a player of ours would always be free. But football is curious, isn’t it? We worked on it, and ended up scoring two goals from the set pieces. One of the shortest teams in the Premier League.”