Alexis Sanchez didn’t seem especially thrilled with Arsenal’s 3-3 draw against Bournemouth on Tuesday night. His strop at the final whistle has been taken as a sign of dissatisfaction towards the club, but it actually seemed to be towards the officials for not allowing more time.

However, even aside from that, the Chilean wasn’t cutting a very positive figure several times during the match. It all led to people making assumptions about him wanting out of Arsenal, and that has of course made its way to Chile.

El Mercurial go with the headline: ‘In England they already see Alexis away from the Arsenal’

They go over the player’s body language, as do La Tercera, but we thought it’d be interesting to look at the comments to see what Chilean football fans think their hero should do.

Here’s a selection of the opinions:

‘Alexis has to leave the Arsenal… Bayern Munich, Chelsea or Juventus… Arsenal are like Manchester City, both have a terrible defence.’

‘Frankly, Alexis can’t do it all, maybe he’ll have to change course soon, I hope he does not go to China, and stays at the top level.’

‘Sanchez is for Real Madrid and Barcelona. I do not know what the Spanish teams are doing making deals for Dybala.’

‘While Wenger is on the bench it’s difficult for Arsenal to be champions, one understands that teams need a process, but this manager has been a long time and a title has not been achieved since 2003-2004. Other clubs with a stable squad, like Chelsea, change manager and achieved a solid team this season… and it’s 90% of the Mou team. Then what is missing is a change of manager… or that Alexis goes to a different team.’

‘I thought the same thing (as the above comment) yesterday watching the match, the coach makes the team bad, does not contribute anything, does not give signs of response to adverse situations.’

‘Leave that team that wins nothing and go to a real big (club).’

Arsenal don’t really want public opinion in Chile to swing to ‘Alexis must leave Arsenal now’ because that could impact the player. That line of opinion isn’t one being pushed hugely by the Chilean media now, but a few more stutters for Arsenal and that could obviously change.