Manchester United attacker Juan Mata is being touted as a future Spanish football president by Marca.

Mata is currently plying his trade in England, but Marca believe he could play an important role in the running of football in his home country when he retires.

The Spanish newspaper say in an industry in which players are more concerned about their image, the Manchester United star is the total opposite to this, and subsequently he could play a part in the shaping of football in Spain in the coming years.

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Mata has already demonstrated his vision by backing The Common Goal project, which asks footballers to donate 1% of their salary to help social development around the world, and Marca believe because of such things, the Manchester United playmaker is ‘different’ to other players.

They highlight the Spain international’s upbringing, when he was educated in humility by his grandfather, and his father. Marca also draw comparisons with his sister, who used to work for the UN, and now continues to campaign for inequality.

It’s been suggested Mata should be nominated for a ‘Princess of Asturias’, a series of annual prizes awarded in Spain to individuals, entities or organisations from around the world who make notable achievements in the sciences, humanities, and public affairs.

President Juan Mata, it certainly has a ring to it.