TMW claim lots of things, most of the big claims often fall away never to happen, but sometimes there’s a little gem of an exclusive.

Only time will tell if Marc Overmars to Arsenal is the former or the latter.

On Monday lunchtime, the Italian website have published a story claiming Overmars is set to say goodbye to his Ajax director of football position. The Dutchman will be leaving at the end of the season, having endured a very up and down summer, which didn’t exactly leave him universally covered in praise.

TMW carry on their claim by saying Overmars has reached an agreement with Arsenal. It’s not stated what role the former Gunners would have for an Arsenal return, but the assumption would be it’d be similar to what he’s had at Ajax.

It’s a big shout. If Arsenal were to get a director of football it may be considered a better idea to look for a more experienced one, but a former player also comes with advantages.

In April, Overmars commented on links with an Arsenal role“I think there is a list with some names and I might be on it, but it’s not that exciting yet.

“I know the club pretty well, I have always kept in touch with Arsenal. So in that respect it is not surprising, because I’ve had a few good years.”