Paul Pogba is clearly loving the transfer attention this summer, and enjoying the situation. Having asked fans to give him some space whilst he chills out, Pogba then posted a photograph of himself and agent Mino Raiola in a swimming pool, with the message ‘we say it all by saying nothing at all’.

pogbainstagramThen Pogba and Adidas pushed out a video which showed the player holding a newspaper, and telling fans not to believe everything they read in them.

On Thursday, Pogba carried on feeding his fans and posted a black and white photograph of himself, but with his hat and shoes highlighted in red.

The black and white could be for Juventus, and the red obviously Manchester United. There’s a chance it’s nothing to do with either club but, given the current situation, it’s impossible to believe Pogba isn’t further stirring the pot.

When Eden Hazard moved from Lille to Chelsea, he lapped up attention via social media, it would appear Pogba is doing the same.