It’s now been weeks since Andreas Pereira and Willian completed their moves to Brazilian sides, the former just on loan, and there’s still a big controversy in the country regarding their arrival and what happened next.

Travellers from the United Kingdom are supposed to go into quarantine once they land in the South American country, and that’s not what’s been happening with some.

So when joining Flamengo on a loan from Manchester United, it didn’t take long for Andreas to make his debut for the club and take part in a couple of matches.

Willian, however, was stopped by health agency Anvisa before he could make his first appearance for Corinthians following a free move from Arsenal. That’s the big difference between the two cases, and officials now give a reason for why they’ve been treated differently.

Anvisa director Alex Campos was interviewed by journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira and explained what the Manchester United player has done wrong.

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“The original sin is for a Brazilian citizen to enter, say that he’s going to be quarantined, that he submits to the country’s rules, under penalty of even undergoing the sanitary and penal administrative process, which is the case that will happen both with Willian and with Andreas,” said Campos (via UOL).

“Andreas played, went over the crosswalk, went through a red light and then we couldn’t catch him, there isn’t a policeman for each crosswalk. The moment we identify that he managed to subvert this, he’ll answer a sanitary administrative proceeding and a criminal proceeding as well, and Willian as well. Bringing the metaphor of traffic, we still managed to catch him driving the car, interrupted so that he would not continue committing any infractions.”