Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira has been interviewed by Brazilian TV channel Esporte Interativo this week.

The outlet has been publishing just bits of the chat with the 23-year-old for now, and the first of them was about his chances of playing for Santos.

Pereira has always made clear he’s a fan of the Brazilian side, and even got a shirt sent to him by the club last year.

Now speaking to Esporte Interativo, he started saying he really follows Santos, and complained about the interview being made just after the team was thrashed 5-1, ending an unbeaten run of Jorge Sampaoli’s side.

“I follow. I follow almost every game. Hey, you got the interview a week late, because they lost, they were undefeated, right?” Andreas Pereira told Esporte Interativo.

“But I’m always following. I’m a really sick Santista. We fight a lot with my partner here, but it’s part of it. He says Corinthians are bigger, I do not know where (laughs).”

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Regarding the rumours of a move to Santos, the player has revealed some talks with the club’s president, but claims it’s not the time for it just yet. Andreas has also revealed there’s another Brazilian club he would like to play for.

“Also, by the way, there was even this speculation that I was going to Santos. I even talked to the president, but unfortunately it was not possible. I also think that I have to finish a more established career here in Europe.

“So later… of course, it’s a dream to play in Santos. I told him, he understood, he was very nice to me. Of course, I wish the best for them, and God willing, this year we’ll win a little trophy there with Santos, right?

“I have a lot of desire to play in Brazil and my preference will always be Santos. Of course, also, my family is from Paraná, we really like Athletico Paranaense. I think it’s the two clubs, if it is to have preference, they are the two clubs that I would like to play in Brazil.”