On Monday, Don Balon published a claim so nonsensical (even for them) that we christened it our ‘Don Balon of the Day’, and explained it was standout in its Don Balonness.

It was reported Jose Mourinho has identified Real Betis’ Fabian Ruiz as a player who can help take Manchester United forward, and wants the club to sign a youngster he considers the ‘new Kaka’.

Ruiz has a €30m release clause, making any move relatively simple.

However, to the ‘surprise’ of Mourinho, those in charge of the Old Trafford club knocked the idea back, not wanting an ‘experiment’ with a 22 year old.

At the time, we stated: ‘On one hand there’s a club well known for signing young players, and bringing talents through. On the other hand there’s a manager with a track record of buying experience and not having too much time to nurse youngsters through their early careers.

And yet, we’re supposed to believe Mourinho has picked out Fabian and his club has rejected the idea.

Nah, not buying it… Unless Ed Woodward foresees a situation in November where Mourinho decides Fabian isn’t actually the full package and the Spaniard then disappears for three months.’

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Since then, the story has spread far and wide and has also gone through a process of rumour laundering.

What is rumour laundering, we hear you ask.

Well, that’s when a news outlet tries to hide the story has come from Don Balon, and instead either credits something like ‘Spanish sources’ or, like Spanish newspaper AS have done, says ‘according to British media such as Birmingham Mail and Teamtalk’ whilst ignoring they credit the claim to the website.

Then, despite it being Don Balon’s story and therefore a bit dirty, it’s all cleaned up.

Despite Don Balon’s story essentially being that Mourinho has been told he can’t have the player, it’s been turned into claims of United pushing past Barcelona in the chase, the club being ‘ready to launch £26million bid for ‘the new Kaka”, ‘Manchester United close to agreeing deal for Fabian Ruiz?’, Mourinho ‘winning the race’ for the player’.

We’re at the stage that Don Balon have said something isn’t happening, and then their words have been twisted to make a deal seem close. Someone call the transfer rumour cops.