Manchester City star Bernardo Silva spoke to the Portuguese media on Monday morning, this time in an interview with TVI24.

The player had a brief chat about how things have been going for him in English football, even though he’s still to make an appearance this season. He started by talking about his manager Pep Guardiola.

“It’s been a fantastic experience. When I was at Benfica I already watched his teams, at Barcelona, where he became a world reference, one of the best coaches ever,” Bernardo Silva told TVI24 (via Mais Futebol).

“I think that’s unanimous today. First I had the pleasure of playing against him and beating him, for Monaco, and then learning from him and all his staff, here at Manchester City. It’s been an incredible experience.”

Bernardo Silva was also asked about the transfer of Diogo Jota. The winger has just left Wolverhampton Wanderers to join Liverpool in a £40m deal.

“It’s great for him. I get along very well with him and I think it’ll be great for him. I’m very happy. It’s a great club, which fights for all titles, and a team that identifies with his characteristics. I’m sure he’ll be very successful.”

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Bernardo Silva is now getting a new Portuguese teammate at Manchester City, as Ruben Dias is about to join the club from Benfica.

The midfielder talked about how good it’s been to have so many compatriots playing with him in the Premier League.

“When I came to English football, and even before, there were two or three Portuguese. Today there are about twenty. It’s great to have Portuguese people representing our country so well, in one of the biggest leagues in the world. I have Cancelo here as a teammate, Bruno Fernandes in the same city… Wolverhampton are almost the Portuguese national team, and then we still have others scattered around, like André Gomes who is also close by.”

TVI24 journalists noticed that there’s a Christmas tree at Bernardo Silva’s house, even though we’re still in September. The player had a good reason why that’s already there.

“We usually play around Christmas, and I usually spend that time alone. It’s just another day for me. But two years ago my mother came to me and said that a tree was needed. I replied that I wouldn’t dismantle it afterwards, which is why it has been like this for two years. I’ve got used to it, and I like having the tree here all year round, it’s a different decoration.”