Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport have a big exclusive on Friday, with their front page reading ‘Bonucci 60 million’.

Over the last few days, Corriere dello Sport have reported Manchester City’s interest in the Juventus star. Apparently, City already had a bid of €45m rejected for the player, and CDS have an update on it.

CDS reckon Manchester City have made a ‘shocking offer of €60m’ for Bonucci. Funny thing is, CDS themselves have been speculating a €60m offer from Manchester City for the player in the last couple of days, so it really shouldn’t be so shocking for them.

The Premier League side have also offered the player a five-year contract worth €8m a year. That, obviously, is much more than Bonucci is earning at the Serie A club. A five year contract would take the total cost to €100m, a four year deal would be slightly less but then there’s agent fees to think about too.

CDS believe the player is tempted by the offer, despite his love for Juventus.

Juventus, however, don’t want to change their stance, and are ready to resist City’s offer. The Serie A club could even offer Bonucci a new contract to convince him to stay in Turin.

At the moment, reports suggest Juventus are negotiating a deal with Manchester United for Paul Pogba, and have already lost Alvaro Morata to Real Madrid, so it’s difficult to see them letting go Bonucci. But €60m for a 29 year old defender is unprecedented.

There are similar reports in Gazzetta dello Sport, and through other leading Italian media outlets.