Everton and West Ham fans are probably going to take this story in very different ways.

Jorge Jesus’ possible move to Goodison Park has been a hot topic in the past 24 hours, so there’s no shock in seeing what his response to an offer would be.

Now it’s with complete surprise that Hammers fans will see them involved in this, since there had been no rumours about the Portuguese manager’s arrival in London.

Regardless, two stories from the Brazilian press today say it’s very unlikely that Jorge Jesus would accept offers from Everton or West Ham right now.

It all started with Fox Sports. They spoke to Portuguese journalist Oscar Cordeiro last night, and one of the channel’s pundits, Felippe Facincani, said he’d been speaking to a Portuguese friend who told him about approaches from China, Everton and West Ham. So he asked Cordeiro if Jesus would leave Flamengo for any of these options.

“I don’t believe he will go to China. To go back to Europe, it has to be for the Champions League. And neither West Ham nor Everton allow him that.”

Then Paulo Vinícius Coelho, who was at that same table on Fox Sports, wrote a post on his UOL blog. He’s pretty reliable, and his stories are also worth a read.

He mostly highlights Everton and China in his story. And he says that right now, Flamengo or Porto are more attractive options for the manager, since both of them would allow him to fight for titles.

West Ham are mentioned only once in his story, with PVC claiming that neither them nor Everton would give him the chance of winning big things. It’s said this is the reason why Jesus rejected an offer from Newcastle United before taking charge of Flamengo.

The reasons Jorge Jesus wouldn’t be attracted by the Everton job have also been reported by the Portuguese press, in a story from Record which we covered this morning.