Manchester United star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going through a difficult phase, with the Swedish striker struggling to find the back of the net.

The 35-year-old had a good start to his career at Old Trafford, but couldn’t keep it up. However, it’s too early to make any assumptions on Ibrahimovic at Manchester United, he 50 goals last season for Paris-Saint Germain and it may well click for him soon.

Paris-Saint Germain have also missed Ibrahimovic and are clearly struggling without him, but he wasn’t universally loved in France, and LOSC Lille midfielder Julian Palmieri has some strong views on Ibrahimovic.

Palmieri was speaking to LOSC TV (via Le 10 Sport) before their match against Paris-Saint Germain, and was asked if the Manchester United star is missed in the country.

He said: “He isn’t missed at all, this is the guy I hated the most in this championship. He treated our country like sh*t. He denigrated our championship from the day he arrived to the day he left.

“I loved his football because he was very talented but I did not like the man and I’m glad he’s gone.”

Ibrahimovic has often been pointed out as an arrogant player, and it seems Palmieri isn’t a big fan of his attitude. Prior to his move to Manchester United, Ibrahimovic kept the media and fans guessing, playing a game which brought huge publicity to the move, and also a huge pressure to perform which hasn’t been met yet.