Mario Mandzukic to Manchester United has been like a gentle rollercoaster in the Italian media.

Full of ups and downs with nothing overly dramatic, but that may have just changed.

The Premier League club made an approach for the Juventus player towards the end of the summer market, with the story from Italy being he felt too rushed into a decision.

It’s claimed that right after the window closed, and the striker decided he didn’t want to go to Qatar, talks with Manchester United started again.

Now, Tuttosport report there’s a ‘broad agreement’ with the club and player for the transfer to happen in January. This isn’t especially new, there’s been talk of a verbal agreement before, but it’s certainly being pushed more in Turin.

The Turin newspaper say a ‘total agreement’ is close and there could even be advances in the ‘coming days’.

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They now don’t think there’ll be a struggle between Juventus and Manchester United over fee, which is an advance on what had been claimed as recently as Saturday.

Juve’s problem is now what to do with the player between now and the winter market. It’s stated he could even physically move to Manchester United in December, on an agreement between those in charge at each club.

That would give the Croatian more time to settle before he’s able to be registered in January. Similar moves have happened before.