Despite being born in Belgium, Andreas Pereira has never hidden how much of a Brazilian he is.

Son of a former Brazilian footballer, the Manchester United midfielder has already worn the yellow shirt in youth international tournaments, and even supports Santos there.

But it’s been over an year and a half since he last played for Brazil’s U23s, so the hopes to ever play for the first team could start being a concern.

A proof of that was is father’s quotes when speaking to TVL Sportcafé. Marcos Pereira was asked about the chances of the Manchester United loanee playing for the Belgian national team, and claimed that it’s pretty possible.

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“I think Andreas is open to everything. He has made it clear for the past two years that he wants to play. If he could play in Belgium, then the Red Devils definitely have a chance. Currently he has to mature for another 2 to 3 years, because Brazil and Belgium currently play absolute top players in his position.” (via

So it sounds like Andreas will just pick whoever wants him first. With both national teams showing great potential for the next World Cup, that’s certainly not an easy choice to make.

But before that, there’s a lot to prove at Valencia and then after a potential return to Manchester United.