France Football have decided to compile a list of the 30 biggest clubs on the planet, and nobody is going to agree the list is entirely correct.

That’s because no matter the criteria used there’s always going to be disagreement on such a thing. There’ll be disagreement on the actually criteria picked, for a start, which strangely seems to very much favour PSG… funny that.

For the North West of England there’s three clubs in the top ten, bettering any region on the planet. Those clubs are Manchester United, their close neighbours Manchester City and up the East Lancs Road there’s of course Liverpool.

Man United are judged to be 3rd, Liverpool 5th, and Man City 9th.

France Football picked ten factors to judge clubs on, these are:

Number of players in current squad to have won a World Cup. 

Continent level titles won (eg Champions League).

Shirts sold per year. 

Annual revenue. 

Record transfer fee paid. 

Average attendance.

Market value of current squad. 

Ballon d’Or (France Football original version) trophies won since 1956.

Social media followers.

Clubs with the biggest mythical status. 

The first factor, World Cup winners, raises an eyebrow.

Man United have two players (Pogba & Mata), Man City also have two (Mendy & Silva), whereas Liverpool have none.

PSG have 5, and picked up 19 points. Those points are the difference between several places.

Liverpool come top of the English clubs for top level European trophies won, having picked up ‘Ol Big Ears five times.

The final category, which is purely opinion based and on a club’s ‘mythical status’ sees Liverpool in 3rd, behind Ajax and Real Madrid, and Man United in 4th… City don’t make the top 20.