Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has been interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week. With the subject being the ability with his feet, the player had a couple of funny stories about his strong shot, which has been impressive since he was a kid.

Ederson started talking about the couple of assists he’s made in Manchester City’s games, especially the one to Aguero in a match against Huddersfield Town last year.

“The assist to Aguero was a play that we rehearsed in practice before the game,” Ederson told Natali Gedra from ESPN Brasil. “Pep said it was going to happen, and it happened. I could be happy with the pass, he could be happy in the finishing. It’s a very good feeling to see your teammates running and hugging you.”

The goalkeeper has also claimed that maybe one of his favourite dishes is the secret for his strength: “The long kick is something I’ve always had with me. I always kicked hard. And I remember that once when my mother went to see a game of Benfica, Julio Cesar even asked her what she gave to me when I was little.

“She said ‘couscous with egg’, and I eat a lot of couscous with egg to this day, it’s something I like very much. So the secret can be there, it has to be it.

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“I played football and futsal. The whole week I played football and weekend I played futsal, disputed championships. I played fly goalkeeper, there were one or two championships I was the vice-top scorer. I scored a lot of goals. And that was good, I liked it. It’s a good feeling to score a goal on the court, because on the field I’ve never had that pleasure. I’ve had it, but it was at the academy, it’s a special moment.”

So Ederson was asked if these goals on a football pitch were scored when he played as a left back: “No, when I played goalkeeper.”

The reporter didn’t understand, and asked if they were free-kicks or penalties: “No, two goals from my box,” he said, laughing.

Finally on the Premier League, the Manchester City stopper said: “It’s very competitive football. So every move you do, you have to be very determined. If you stay halfway, you end up harming yourself and your team. So you have to think faster, it’s very strong football.”