Grêmio forward Everton has given a press conference today, and it should be no surprise that most of the questions were about his possible departure from the club.

Last week, it was claimed in Brazil that Manchester City had made a £55m bid for the player. The rumour was followed by controversy as the player stopped following his club on Instagram.

Both the bid and the Instagram incident have been denied by Grêmio and Everton’s staff, but now the player has explained it again. This time, to all the local outlets at once.

“The subject from the whole week was just a misunderstanding that has already been resolved. I want to give many joys to the Gremistas. I have four more years of contract and I intend to fulfil it,” said Everton (via Globo Esporte).

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Regarding a future move to Europe, the player said: “It is the dream of any athlete to play in Europe at a high level. I have to contain this anxiety, because the club that I defend are Grêmio. I have to focus totally here. As long as I have nothing concrete, my total focus is here and this is where I have to dedicate myself to the maximum.”

He’s also claimed that a summer move would be better: “We know that arriving at the beginning of the season, you arrive physically well and have a whole preseason to get together. The language is different, you have this difficulty more. I hope it’s the best for me and for Grêmio the day a concrete proposal comes up and the clubs get it right.”

At the end of the last year, Everton had even joked with the Manchester City rumours, claiming Pep Guardiola hadn’t called him, but he’d like to have the manager’s number to speak to him.