The old school pitch invasion made by Manchester City fans to celebrate the Premier League title this weekend has certainly divided opinion.

While the FA is likely to analyse the the incident, Pep Guardiola has come out defending the fans, who wanted nothing more than to celebrate the title with their players.

ESPN Brasil had a big story on Manchester City’s party, and part of it showed the fans entering the pitch to get a little closer to the team.

The channel spoke to a couple of players about it, and even though they were fine with the invasion, they admit they wanted to get off the pitch as quickly as possible.

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“I saw it quickly and went fast inside because it seemed like it was going to be a mess,” said Bernardo Silva. “And so we tried to run away as fast as we could.”

Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus was interviewed by ESPN as well. He claims that even though the players knew they would be fine, it was better not to take the risk of staying on the pitch.

“Man, there you have to go into the locker room as fast as you can. The fans are happy, celebrating, of course nothing is going to happen… however, all care is taken, right?”