With all the attention on the big transfer Luka Jovic is expected to make in the summer, we can only imagine Benfica’s regret for selling the player for so little.

Back in 2017, the Eagles have sent the player on a two-year loan deal to Eintracht Frankfurt, giving the German side a buying option of €6m.

Now the Portuguese press follows the situation saying Eintracht are triggering the clause at the end of the season, and should now sell him for over €60m.

Newspaper O Jogo lists the interested clubs today, saying Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Manchester United are all in the battle.

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They say these clubs have already made contacts trying to get a preference in the race, but that has been denied by both Eintracht and the player’s agents, since they know this auction could get to much more than the €60m which is being initially asked.

O Jogo also confirms the information from RAC which said Barcelona recently sent a team of emissaries to watch Jovic live.

Besides the €6m from the buying option, Benfica also kept 30% of a future profit Eintracht would have. So if they sell him for €60m, they get other €16.2m. That’s some great extra money, but still, much less than they would have made had they kept him.