Footballers who come through the system at River Plate and then make it with the first team never really seem to leave the club behind.

They can transfer elsewhere, move around the world, but somewhere deep inside there’s often a longing to return.

That’s the case with Manuel Lanzini. As a youngster he was spotted by Boca Juniors but knocked the club back, deciding that he could only sign for River, the side he supported.

He also holds the record for the quickest goal in a match between the two sides, scoring after just 43 seconds.

So, he’s obviously thought of well there, and his latest comments will help.

Speaking on Argentine TV, and picked up by AS, the West Ham player said: “River makes me happy, they are living incredible things since Muneco (the manager) arrived. I was in Madrid (at the rescheduled Copa Libertadores final), in the Emirates (watching the Club World Cup) and I know that at some point I’ll be back if the club allows me to.”

It would be a surprise if Lanzini is thinking of a quick return, given he’s only 26 years of age. Maybe another contract, with West Ham or anyone else, and then he could return to the club which holds his heart.

About the Hammers and his return from injury, he said: “I’m happy, I came back in the best way, in the club they give me tremendous confidence.”