Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson had an exclusive chat with ESPN Brasil following the 3-1 win over Manchester City on Sunday.

The 27-year-old praised the Reds’ performance against Pep Guardiola’s side, saying it was a ‘decisive game’ for the title race, and claiming they were ‘very superior’.

“We had a great match against a great team. It’s never easy to play against City. We managed to be very superior to them for practically the whole match.”

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding officiating in the match, and Alisson was asked about a specific decision, the one which led to Liverpool’s first goal.

“I believe his hand was very close to his body. He was blocking my vision a little, but if the ball hit his hand it was because it was close to his body. So the rules are clear about that,” Alisson told ESPN Brasil.

It was a deflected ball too. The rules are clear. Of course when we see a touch, we will also complain on the pitch for sure, but I think the referee was wise, the reading was correct and what stays is what we did positive on the pitch.”

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Alisson was asked about the way Liverpool controlled the intensity of the game against Manchester City, and he says this is the result of years working under Jurgen Klopp, with the team gaining ‘maturity’ with time.

“This is the level of maturity we have acquired in these four years that Klopp is here. In the first two years, the club achieved good results, but in the decisive moments, didn’t have this maturity to hold results, of knowing how to suffer. And we got it last season.

“We know the right moment to accelerate, work the plays well, prepare the match well. I believe the way we prepare for games is making making a difference, for sure. If we continue at this rate, can keep it up to the end of the season, there are great things ahead. It’s a great advantage, but nothing guaranteed, we have to continue to do our best always.”

Speaking of their calendar in December, when Liverpool have ten matches to be played, including a trip to feature in the FIFA Club World Cup, Alisson hopes the team can keep their focus on all the competitions they’re in.

“December is certainly a very important month for us. We will have a lot of games now. I think there will be ten matches in a month. It’s quite a thing. So more than ever we have to have maturity. Important that for sure Klopp will rotate players.”

“So whoever comes in has to come in very well. We have to do our best because we can get the best possible results within these ten matches. We obviously want to go to the World Cup of Clubs and win it, and we want to continue our pace in the Premier League and the Champions League as well.”