It was likely to happen sooner or later, and it appears Valencia have now had just about enough of the Maxi Gomez situation.

Last week they agreed a deal to sign the player for €14.5m, plus bonuses, plus Santi Mina, plus Jorge Saenz on loan. 

West Ham heard about this deal and sprung into action, sending officials to Vigo on private jet and offering €40m to Celta Vigo. That was rejected and the Hammers were referred to the player’s €50m clause.

Through all this it’s been explained in Spain that despite West Ham offering more money, Gomez would much prefer to move to Valencia. That’s because he feels there’d be no difficult adaptation, his lifestyle could continue as it is, and he’d get Champions League football next season.

The problem, according to the Spanish media, has been the player’s agency and the commission they’re asking for. Stellar Group have rejected these claims, and the situation is all a bit of a mess.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Faro de Vigo released an article talking about an ‘ultimatum’ from Valencia, and similar is coming from Los Ches’ local media.

Maxi Gomez has been told to respond within 24 hours or lose his chance of signing for the Spanish club. Should the Uruguayan not be able to make his mind up by then, then the idea of signing him will be ‘definitively dismissed’ by Valencia, leaving West Ham free to get the player.

Faro de Vigo believe the solution will be seen ‘in a few hours’.

Who wants to bet that if there’s no answer within 24 hours this will continue anyway?