A very short time ago we covered claims from Faro de Vigo that Valencia had given Maxi Gomez an ultimatum to give his decision within 24 hours or lose the chance of signing for them.

Now there’s another update from them, and it’s very positive for West Ham.

It’s reported West Ham have decided to pay the €50m clause in the player’s Celta Vigo contract. That in itself is nothing new, as the possibility had been reported since Thursday evening.

This bit is new: ‘The desire of the agency to take him to England, pulls down the agreement with Valencia – Celta refuses to negotiate the conditions and demands full payment of the money in the league’

Then Faro de Vigo state, as a matter of fact: ‘Maxi Gomez will play in the Premier League’

West Ham are trying to negotiate a way with Celta to pay the €50m, but the response has been they need to deposit it at La Liga’s offices in Madrid.

It’s again pushed that the will of Gomez’s agents has been for him to move to West Ham, and that ultimately there’s been no way around that.

Celta now just hope that the ‘loyalty’ they’ve tried to show in sticking to the original agreement will help them get Santi Mina anyway, they’re surely going to have the money to do so.

Will this be the end of the matter? Absolutely not, there’s surely more drama ahead.