Today is a very important day around the world of football: it’s the last chance for clubs with players on loan to get clubs to agree to extensions.

Most have already managed it, but some, like Inter, are still trying to work out the kinks for their loanees, which includes Manchester United’s Alexis Sánchez.

As you well know, the Chile international was sent to Italy by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who had no plans for him in his first-team, in hope he would perform well in a league he already knew to get him and his wages off the books.

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite go to plan as injuries got in the way, but the last few weeks have seen a small rejuvenation in the 31-year-old, which has led to Inter wanting to keep him for longer.

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The problem is both the Serie A side and United are still in the Europa League, meaning the Premier League club are digging their heels when it comes to allowing their player to feature in the upcoming August games.

Gazzetta dello Sport have a bit of information on it, explaining today is a ‘key day’, and that Inter could ‘try to extend Sánchez’s loan by a year, perhaps by inserting a purchase clause’, with this potentially established in ‘the last few hours’.

There’s no indication of how much that would be or whether United would agree to it, but it appears it’s something the Italians will try and attempt as Antonio Conte seems happy with how the player recently.