Thankfully for Everton, Yerry Mina isn’t returning from international duty injured.

Well, that’s unless he picks a fitness issue over the next couple of days.

The defender has, however, sent someone else back to their club with an injury, and it’s going to force him to miss the rest of the season.

Colombia beat Peru 1-0 on the 16th, and during the match Mina tackled Anderson Santamaría. The Everton player managed to tear through the Atlas player’s boot, and Santamaría was left with blood coming through his footwear.

After the match he videoed his bloodied boot and sock, and a fuss was made on social media.

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Radio Munera report Santamaría was angered by Mina’s ‘aggression’, and he’s accused the Toffees man of going in too hard and not challenging for the ball in a fair way.

He’s quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, they’ve just sewn me up and it will leave me out of the rest of the tournament, my championship. I am very sorry for the truth that justice has not been done because a warning for such an injury doesn’t seem fair.”

Santamaría explained it’s one thing to play tough, which they expected from Colombia, and quite another to ‘attack’ others on the pitch.