Favourite topics of the Catalan sport media include general hating on Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, bragging about half the world trying to buy Neymar and failing, and winding up Florentino Perez and Real Madrid, so if all three can be combined then it’s stellar stuff.

Sport manage to bring a few different aspects together in their Monday and have some fun. It’s perfect story for the Catalan newspaper, perhaps just a little too perfect.

It’s claimed that in 2013, when Mourinho was still Real Madrid manager and Barcelona were working on a deal to sign Neymar, the Portuguese coach already had an eye on returning to Chelsea and what he wanted for his new Stamford Bridge team.

Sport say that whilst Mourinho was still under the employment of Real Madrid, he telephoned Neymar to speak about a Chelsea transfer, having got the number via Jorge Mendes, who presumably has the telephone number of every footballer on the planet.

The manager knew from the inside about all Real Madrid’s efforts to sign Neymar, and therefore Sport say he was stabbing Perez in the back.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.02.14Mourinho told Neymar about his Chelsea project, and how he wanted him to be a big part of it. The now Manchester United manager apparently also explained that Roman Abramovich would do the necessary to financially secure the transfer for Chelsea.

Things didn’t go any further because Neymar was so committed to the idea of joining Barcelona.

The ‘Confidencial’ Sport report comes after further claims over the weekend of efforts from Manchester United and others to sign Neymar from Barcelona.

Whether it be Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG or anyone else (especially Jose Mourinho)… the consistent Catalan message on Neymar is that he’s totally committed.

Probably best he and his agent don’t talk to other clubs then.