PSG have a Jese shaped problem on their hands.

If their local media are to be believed, the French club regretted signing the forward from Real Madrid quickly. He turned up at his presentation acting the big star and was unable to back it up on the pitch, and doubts continued about his attitude.

A move to Stoke City then followed, and this time Jese was presented as the huge star he clearly thinks he is, and the English club talked up the move.

It went wrong very quickly and whilst personal issues may have played some part, it’s surely not the only reason Jese’s move to Stoke City turned into an absolute disaster of a transfer.

Now he’s at something of a crossroads, but will be thankful to his have his PSG contract to fall back on. There’s been talk in France of PSG being prepared to let Jese go for free, just to get rid of his wages, but he’d have to agree to that.

Speaking to Marca, Jese has been asked if he ‘lost a year’ at Stoke City, and explained: “I feel that I was training and giving everything of myself but the two coaches that I had, both at the beginning and after, were very defensive (Hughes and Lambert). It was not a team that wanted the ball, but played on the counterattack. I gave everything of myself, everything that I could give of myself, beyond the personal situation that I had. That’s what I feel.”

Asked if he regrets leaving Real Madrid, Jese said: “It is true that when you leave a club like Madrid, you know that Madrid is Madrid. We all know. But all the experiences are not the same, you have to live them and face them, for the good and for the bad. Things have not gone as I would have liked. But I have three more years at PSG and I will fight with everything. Let’s see what happens. But I’m sure I’ll give it my all.”