The Italian ambassador to the UK, Raffaele Trombetta, has revealed UEFA are putting pressure on the British government ahead of Leicester City’s clash with Napoli.

That’s due to several Napoli players being ineligible for the game due to the current Coronavirus restrictions in the United Kingdom.

For those that don’t know, Napoli trio David Ospina, Victor Osimhen, and Amir Rrhamani are, at the time of writing at least, set to miss the Europa League clash with Leicester later this week as they have recently returned from red list countries during the international break.

That means they will be forced to isolate in the UK for ten days on their arrival, if they were allowed to arrive at all, thus missing the game in the process.

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Napoli aren’t very happy about this and have been working to find a way around the issue, with all three players recently travelling to the British embassy to try and sort something out.

Suggestions such as special visas and moving the game to a neutral venue have all been proposed at various points, although so far, there has been no clear indication of what is going on behind the scenes.

And it seems that remains the case, with Trombetta revealing UEFA are working hard to find a solution with the UK government.

“Ospina, Osimhen and Rrahmani in Leicester v Napoli? At the moment, there’s no official news; let’s wait,” he told Radio Goal on Kiss Kiss Napoli, relayed by CalcioNapoli24.

“We haven’t been directly involved, and, to be fair, there’s more talk about it in Italy than in England.

“It’s UEFA that is putting pressure on the English government for a derogation to be granted to footballers.

“Those who have completed the vaccination cycle can enter England with a negative swab.”