On Wednesday, it was announced by Manchester United that Chris Smalling would be staying at AS Roma for the remainder of the Serie A season so he could finish what he’d started with Paulo Fonseca’s side.

However, as things stand, the defender is set to return to Old Trafford on August 2nd, when the Italian league comes to an end.

That’s because the two sides have made a bit of a mess of it all and are yet to find an agreement that suits all parties when it comes to the Europa League, as Manchester United aren’t keen on facing their player should the two sides meet in the competition.

That, mixed with the fact they know Roma would like to keep Smalling permanently, has led to this short extension being agreed, with more negotiations set to take place behind the scenes in the coming weeks.

This is what Corriere dello Sport are reporting on Thursday, claiming that Jozo Palac, the intermediary taking care of the player’s transfer, will travel to Rome ‘next week’ to speak with the Italian side’s CEO, Guido Fienga.

The aim will be to find an agreement, but the newspaper claim ‘it seems more difficult now’, but Roma ‘remain hopeful’.