As Tottenham Hotspur star Lucas Moura continues to frequently speak to the Brazilian media, he’s now given an interview to Paulo Vinícius Coelho, one of the best sports journalist in the country.

First asked about his season, the player claims he could prove himself better this time, since there wasn’t time to adapt when joining the club in January 2018.

“This year was very good. I arrived here in January of 2018, in the middle of last season. So I had a lot of factors to adapt. It was a new league, a new place, a new game system, the language, the country,” Lucas Moura told Paulo Vinícius Coelho.

“Also the adaptation to the physical part. This is very important here. This season, I was already more adjusted and things went very well.”

On playing in a central position, Lucas claims he’s feeling fine with the change: “I hadn’t played in this role for a long time. I played a little like that at São Paulo. At Paris Saint-Germain I always played as a winger, right or left. It was also something else to adapt”.

“But I understood Pocchettino’s system, what he wanted from me, sometimes playing as 9, other times as a second striker. I fit in. It’s 15 goals in the season already.”

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When asked about why he believed in Tottenham’s project, why he joined the club, since many people didn’t understand his choice, Lucas explained: “When I came to know the facilities, I was impressed. It’s one of the best in the world. I believed in the project. Then I went to see the new stadium, which was being built.

“Tottenham have a great, ambitious project. And I would have the chance to play, right? It was the place I chose to make a turnaround because I was not playing many times at Paris Saint-Germain.”

Finally, Lucas also spoke about his chances of being called up for the Copa America: “I am waiting. Anxious. But the most important thing is to know that I’m doing my best. If the call comes, it’ll be great. If it doesn’t come, I have to keep working very well. That’s what I need to do. There is a lot of competition, there are a lot of good people at the disposal of the national team.”