Hamburger Morgenpost go big once again on Pierre-Michel Lasogga to Leeds United.

The Wednesday front page of the newspaper’s sport section is titled ‘transfer wobbling’, and MoPo explain that Lasogga is now unsure whether he even wants to move to Leeds United.

Despite earlier claims the striker is keen on the move, with the only hurdle being Leeds United agreeing a wage percentage with Hamburg, things are now different.

MoPo claim the reason for that is Chris Wood. Lasogga is worried he’d be stuck as second choice to the New Zealand striker, with Leeds only playing one out and out frontman.

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That would mean a season on the bench in the Championship, and Lasogga is clearly hoping for more attractive offers from elsewhere.

This would all suggest that, as it stands, Lasogga has been given no reason to believe Wood could be leaving Leeds United during the current window.

It further backs up the idea that Leeds have considered Lasogga as a back-up to Wood rather than a potential replacement for the striker.

Lasogga hasn’t yet made a final decision on Leeds United, and MoPo say he has no other offers on the table.