Carlo Ancelotti has been getting a lot of praise in the Italian media over the past few days, with Everton ending their poor run of form and starting a more positive period instead.

Going into Christmas fourth in the Premier League, there’s now some optimism in Italy that Ancelotti can guide Everton to a battle for a Champions league place, something which would be a dream for the club.

Ever since the manager moved to Goodison Park, there’s been endless rumours of him making signings from Serie A. The biggest was Allan, which started in the winter 2020 window and saw the midfielder turn up in Merseyside over the summer.

Sami Khedira is now rivalling the level of the Allan rumours, and has himself been linked with Everton for some months. The midfielder has spoken highly of Ancelotti recently, and the Italian made clear the feeling is mutual.

All of that has encouraged the transfer rumour, so now Everton are mentioned without thought as the likeliest destination.

Corriere dello Sport report Khedira would be a ‘a gift for Ancelotti’, and that Everton executives are ‘ready’ to make an effort for the signing in January.

Juventus want the player’s wages off their accounts, and therefore a free transfer is possible next month. Everton’s biggest issue may be when it comes to length of contract, and Khedira having to take a pay cut on what he currently makes.

Given he turns 34-years-of-age in April, it’s unlikely the Toffees would want to offer anything longer than an 18-month deal.