Liverpool are growing ‘increasingly doubtful’ about the European Super League project after the wave of fan anger regarding the plans.

The new European competition was announced on Sunday, with Liverpool, one of the ‘top six’ in the Premier League, announcing their plans to leave and join the new set up.

Reports in England have stated that the Reds, alongside Manchester United, were the ones truly pushing for the project, with the other four English clubs going along largely in fear of being left out.

The news has been met with widespread criticism, with fans, pundits and even players openly admitting that they are against the proposal.

Indeed, the response has been so overwhelmingly negative there is a feeling that some of the clubs could back away, although that has been denied in England.

BILD say otherwise, though, and state that ‘some clubs are reconsidering their commitment’ after the ‘uprising’ against the plans.

They explain that the Premier League clubs involved had not expected ‘the wave of anger’ from the fans to be so ‘extreme’, and that has seen them wobble in their convictions.

According to the newspaper’s information, several of the clubs, including Liverpool, have grown ‘increasingly doubtful’ in the last 24 hours.

In fact, UEFA are said to be ready to take back the ‘defectors’ and ‘one thing is clear’; if two or three English clubs were to ‘jump ship’, the whole Super League plan would be dead in the water.