You’re a multi-millionaire footballer. You haven’t been called up for international duty. You have a few days off. It’s still summer, sort of. You’re friend is also a multi-millionaire footballer with time on his hands.

So off you both go, with your loved ones, and hire a yacht to do some sailing around Mallorca. There’s nothing not to be happy about.

For Bild, the yacht trip of Andre Schurrle and Mario Gotze is somewhat poignant and is one of the German newspaper’s biggest sport stories today.

That’s because four years ago, the Fulham and Borussia Dortmund players combined to score Germany’s World Cup winning goal. Schurrle put the ball in, and Gotze finished it off… and they became world champions.

Now, neither got in the Germany squad for the 2018 tournament, which was no surprise, and the pair are free during international breaks to do as they please, and sail away from their international career troubles.

For Gotze, the troubles continue at club level with Borussia Dortmund not counting on him much right now. It’s better for Schurrle at Fulham, with two goals so far in the Premier League.