Fulham are back in the lead for the signing of Flamengo striker Rodrigo Muniz, according to the latest reports on all the drama from Brazil.

This week, it had been claimed by the local media that after having their bid for the player accepted, the Whites hadn’t sent the documentation in time, and gave a chance to Middlesbrough to get back in the race.

Now according to O Dia, the clubs are communicating again and have been sorting out the final details for the transfer once again.

The outlet explains that the deal was agreed by Alistair Mackinstosh last Friday, with Fulham paying €8m and letting Flamengo have 20% of a future move. The official bid hadn’t arrived by Tuesday, and that caused a little annoyance.

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With Flamengo showing ‘dissatisfaction’ with the situation, Muniz’s agents moved to hold a new meeting between the clubs on Wednesday. The representatives intermediated the conversation which was used to sort details about the move.

Now the player, who’s in Rio de Janeiro, has been told that the agreement is back on and knows the medical can take place after a period of quarantine, since he tested positive for Covid on Saturday.

O Dia hadn’t reported the last bid from Middlesbrough and don’t even mention that now, making it clear that Fulham continue to lead the race.