Neymar and Manchester United is a rumour which is launched repeatedly, usually by the English media, and doesn’t often go anywhere… even in rumour terms.

There’s a collective roll of the eyes and everyone tends to move on.

However, there’s a claim, or rather a supposed claim, from L’Equipe this weekend which has caught the attention of some fans of the Premier League club.

Tweets are being made and sent around social media, those tweets are being copied and it eventually becomes something worth addressing.

The below is perhaps the one getting most attention right now, with the essential images of Neymar in a Manchester United kit.

This kind of thing often leads to people asking us what’s going on, like below.

And the usual next step is us pouring cold water on everything.

So, without wanting to ruin a tradition, here we go.

In their Saturday edition, the French newspaper had an article on PSG potentially needing to sell a star to help them with FFP problems.

The two possibilities named were Kylian Mbappe and Neymar. For the Frenchman, the speculation was all about a move to Madrid, with L’Equipe saying: ‘Only Real can seduce him’

For Neymar, it was stated that United ‘could’ prepare an offer in the summer, and, wait for it: ‘In England, it is rumoured that Manchester United could prepare an offer for next summer.’

L’Equipe then add: ‘In sports difficulties for several years, the Red Devils want to regain their brilliance of the past and they suspect that it goes through a show of force on the transfer market.’

So, if PSG need to sell a star, which they would insist isn’t necessary, Manchester United could prepare an offer, and that’s all based on rumours from England. 

Something and nothing. Well, more nothing than something.